General Information for Admissions

Welcome to ACS (International) and thank you for considering us for your child/children’s education .We appreciate choosing the right school for your child/children is one of the most important decisions parents make. As such, in this section, we endeavour to provide as much information as possible to help parents arrive at an informed decision.

Parents are welcome to contact the Office of Admissions for further enquiries using the Registration of Interest Form. Parents wishing to meet with school admissions personnel should register using School Visit Form.

In general, ACS (international) adopts an equal opportunity policy aimed at achieving balanced intakes which are reflective of the school’s ethos, traditions, philosophy and values. Successful applicants should be those who have a genuine and intrinsic love of learning; and are able assimilate into all aspects of school life. Further, the school also entails the following special considerations:

  • Methodist Community – ACS (International) gives special consideration to admitting children of its Methodist members and ministers;
  • ACS Alumni and Siblings Affiliation – ACS (International) gives special consideration to admitting children affiliated under the ACS network;
  • Staffing Priority – ACS (International) gives special consideration to admitting children of staff affiliated under the ACS and/or Methodist community;
  • Singaporeans and Board Recommendations – ACS (International) gives special consideration to admitting returning Singaporeans and Board Recommendations;

ACS (international) also strives to maintain a balanced cultural diversity in an international setting for students to learn in multi-national and multi-cultural environment.

Please also read the information on the following pages related to admissions before you submit an online enquiry, appointment for school visit and/or application for admission:

  • Stream and Level Definition – Outlines the programmes ACS (International) conducts and the programme equivalent to other International Programmes;
  • Age and Academic Requirements – Defines the academic qualification and age each stream level;
  • Feeder Programmes and Admission Assessment – Outlines the admissions assessment scopes and  feeder programmes ACS (International) recognises for waiver of admissions assessment;
  • Languages Engagement – Outline the Second Language offered at ACS (International) and MTL obligations for SC/PR enrolled with ACS (International);
  • Fees Outline – Layout of all fees;