Academic Year and Languages Engagement

ACS (International)’s academic year is one that is aligned to those of Southern Hemisphere from January to December. Vacancies are generally available at the start of the academic year and are allocated on the first-come first-serve basis subjected to meeting entry requirements. The following table outlines the school vacancy status across the academic year:

As these projections are based on historical data, they are subjected to changes without notice. Parents are encourage to put in their child’s application as early as possible.

For Singaporeans (Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residences), the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Policy applies. Singaporean Students from the government schools, unless a wavier has been earlier granted by Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore, are to continue with their MTL studies. Returning Singaporeans from overseas/Singaporeans from Local or Foreign School Systems (FSS) may apply to study an in-lieu language, subjected to approval,  listed by MOE.  For more information, please refer to the School Language Policy <Link>.